Let the blockchain serve your organization



Proxii is an application which helps to manage and update automatically the legal and financial records of the organizations by the blockchain technology


Proxii helps managers to reduce the cost and the time related to their decisions by automating the execution of their interval rules with a smart contract called “Organizational contract”


Proxii improves the due diligence process and the transfer of information between organizations and authorities

Proxii, a solution for the 21ST century leaders

Our Roadmap

  • Q1 2017
  • Creation of the team

  • End of Q1 and Q2 2017
  • Solution conceptualization

  • Market study

  • Technical feasibility assessment of the solution

  • Q3 2017
  • Birth of Proxii

  • Demo development

  • PRXI token development

  • Q4 2017
  • Token sale preparation

  • Smart contracts security audits for the token sale

  • Q1 2018
  • Public demo launch

  • PRXI token presale and VIP sale

  • PRXI token sale and token distribution

  • Q2 2018
  • PROXII Beta development

  • Enterprise wallet creation

  • Q3 and Q4 2018
  • Audits, security tests and integration of the 1st organizational contracts of the PROXII Beta

  • Dapp and servers security audits

  • PROXII Beta integration on the Testnet

  • Q1 2019
  • PROXII Beta integration on the Mainnet

  • Launch of the Public PROXII Beta

  • Q2 and Q3 2019
  • Official Dapp development

  • Q4 2019 and then
  • Integration of the Proxii solution in various organizations

  • New modules development

    - Contract library
    - Connectors for new modules created by the community

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Our team

The Proxii team, complete and diversified

Kenny Samson

Kenny is a lawyer specialized in IT law, corporate law and intellectual property law. He owns a LLB and a graduate degree in business law. Learn more

Paul Lavoie

Paul is an entrepreneur and passionate investor in the crypto world. He owns a BN. Learn more

Mike Samson

Mike is a passionate investor in cryptocurrency and has experience has a notary. He owns a LLB, a graduate degree in notarial law and a BN. Learn more

Derick Samson

Derick is a consultant in a firm specialized in business intelligence. He owns a BBA and a MSc in business intelligence strategy. Learn more

Vincent Boiselle

Vincent cumulates many years of experience in software engineering in a variety of fields. He owns a BE and a ME in Software Engineering. Learn more

Mathieu Néron

Mathieu is an experienced software engineer who had the opportunity to work on projects in various spaces. He owns a BE in Software Engineering. Learn more

Maxime McCutcheon

Maxime has many years of experience in developing applications for large systems. He owns a DEC in Computer Science. Learn more

Christophe Le Nabat

Christophe is an expert in the development and management of IT projects. He is a French engineer from the École Nationale d’Ingénieurs in France. Learn more


Louis Sirois
Canada Bitcoin Lawyer Fintech and ICO Authority
Mr. Louis Sirois is a Canadian lawyer with over 25 years of practice. A member in good standing of the Barreau du Québec since 1987, he has expertise in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in the province of Quebec and in Canada in terms of compliance with Canadian regulations.
Claude J. Roy
International consultant in strategic management, organizational development and security
Claude Roy is an international consultant in strategic management, organizational development and security with many years of experience. He acts as a consultant and advisor to various Quebec government ministers, customs administrations and corporations around the world. He is a graduate of the World Customs Organization, the Harvard University, and has two doctoral degrees in Industrial Relations and Administration and Politics from Laval University. He has taught in 5 Universities, several international corporations and 2 colleges on modern management concepts of organizations for multiple mandates.
Cedric Cobban
President of PeerTracks
Cedric Cobban is an experienced entrepreneur working in the blockchain world. Visionary, M. Cobban invested in cryptocurrencies in 2011 and later founded PeerTracks Inc. where he currently acts as President. As such, he also launched the Muse blockchain. Mr. Cobban has extensive knowledge of blockchain technology, he has seen this space evolve from the time when there was solely Bitcoin to the first altcoins and the first ICO’s. He is frequently asked to speak at conferences around the world on this subject as on the world of music and intellectual property.

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