27 October 2017


Proxii is a decentralized application which helps organizations to manage their governance and keeps their juridical and financial records up to date by using the blockchain technology.

Proxii will help organizations:

  • Benefiting of the advantages of their actual legal structure  while benefiting of the transparency and the security of the blockchain;
  • Reducing the professional costs for the management and the update of its juridical and financial records;
  • Automatizing the actions taken by the decisions of the executive board;
  • To take decisions and confirm them in a secure, decentralized and user-friendly environment;
  • Exchanging information in a fluid and safe environment;
  • And more !

Yes, where permitted by law, Proxii will help organizations to gradually decentralize their management.

Yes, where permitted by law, Proxii will also help members of a DAO getting the protections offered by laws by helping this DAO to register in the chosen jurisdiction. By doing so, it will help DAO’s getting their permits or licenses for their exploitation.

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