2 November 2017

Our team

Kenny Samson


Is a lawyer specialized in IT law, corporate law and intellectual property law. He counsels organizations regarding the management, the use and the sale of their technological assets. Kenny has a law licence in civil law from Sherbrooke University, a graduate specialized diploma in business law from Laval University and he is an M.B.A. candidate at this university.

Paul Lavoie


Is an experienced and passionate investor in the crypto world. He is also consultant at the E-Meute organization from where he can share his knowledge about the blockchain. Paul is also a sport entrepreneur. He is a triathlon personal trainer and the regional manager for the triathlon community of the Province of Quebec. Paul has a bachelor degree in nursing from Sherbrooke University.

Mike Samson,


Was a notary in the Province of Quebec. At that time, he had the occasion to represent corporations in their real estate assets and their bookkeeping. Driven by the will to help the human kind, Mike reoriented his career to become a nurse in order to help people with mental disorders to reach their full potential. He is a passionate investor in crypto currencies. Mike has a law licence in civil law, a graduate specialized diploma in notary studies and a bachelor degree in nursing from Sherbrooke University.

Derick Samson


Is a consultant in a firm specialized in business intelligence. During his practice, Derick had the opportunity to develop creative solutions for his clients to help them getting the full potential of their data. Derick had also the opportunity to act as a business analyst for a multinational company. Derick has a bachelor degree in business administration and a master degree in strategy and business intelligence from Sherbrooke University.

Vincent Boisselle


Vincent Boisselle cumulates many years of experience in software engineering in a variety of fields ranging from flight simulation to large scale infrastructures driving billions of requests where code quality prevails. He holds a Master Degree in Software Engineering in the field of test automation (using machine learning) and also holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering. He is actually working as a software engineer in tooling and infrastructure, which aims to reduce pain of developers through the development cycles. He is a blockchain enthusiast and cannot wait to implement and bring into the forefront amazing technologies sitting on the blockchain.

Mathieu Néron


Mathieu Neron is an experienced software engineer who had the opportunity to work on projects in various spaces such as aerospace, payment systems, gaming, consulting and e-signature industry. He is actually working as a full stack developer. He is a blockchain enthusiast and has experience in mining and coding smart contracts. Mathieu holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Sherbrooke University and a specialization in Software Engineering & Artificial Intelligence.

Maxime McCutcheon


Maxime has many years of varied experience in developing applications for large computer systems where he has learned many programming languages and large databases. He has a growing interest in blockchain technology. He is an active investor in the field of cryptocurrency. Maxime owns a DEC in Computer Science in the branch of Administrative Data Processing.

Christophe Le Nabat


Christophe is an expert in the development and management of IT projects. A French engineer from the École Nationale d'Ingénieurs in France, he has worked in numerous sectors, including aeronautics, handwriting recognition and mobile telephony. He also works on the national portal of French health professionals to improve the quality of service. Founder of social and solidarity associations, fervent defender of free software, Christophe is passionate about the blockchain technology and wants people to learn about it.